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Laurene - Monday 11 March 2024
Nice and mysterious painting
Pulcinella - Sunday 10 March 2024
C'est vraiment très beau
Visitor of the exhibition - Sunday 10 March 2024
Just look @ the backside of this slate :wink:
Fereira - Sunday 10 March 2024
What a beautiful and very well done envelope :amorous:
Julio - Sunday 25 February 2024
I like this post, it's amazing.
Jillian - Wednesday 21 February 2024
Thanks for finally talking about >Le Monde à l'Envers | <Liked it!
guest - Wednesday 31 January 2024
Wouauw, superflott Idée ❤️ . Get engem Loscht fir ze reesen.:amorous:
guest - Thursday 4 January 2024
What an incredibly beautiful painted portrait!!!
guest - Saturday 30 December 2023
Cool drawing in Black an White
guest - Friday 22 December 2023
What a lovely drawn nude