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Authors: Anna Sadler, Roger Mauer, Patrick Sadler

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Phillip - Wednesday 27 September 2023
Luise - Wednesday 16 August 2023
i cant upload

@Luise: It should work now
guest - Sunday 9 January 2022
Très bien fait, même avec du rouge on a l'impression que c'est de l'eau ❤️
guest - Sunday 9 January 2022
Sehr schöne Pastelzeichnung ❤️
Cindy - Sunday 9 January 2022
Great song, nice voice, lovely guitars and beautiful video,
MD - Thursday 28 January 2021
Anna a un coup de crayon magnifique, j'attends mon portrait japonisant
Les gens - Wednesday 23 December 2020
Superbe travail avec l'aquarelle, mes amitiés à Puto :happy:
PeintrePat - Tuesday 15 December 2020
Mais c’est Michel Dejean, non?:embarrassed:
Me - Monday 5 October 2020
Oh my God, this is really frightening :shocked:
Guest - Wednesday 16 September 2020
Wow, this is a real nice drawing! Well done!!!!
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