Patrick Sadler

"Invitation Card"

Summary of the Exhibition by Lucienne Deviscour:

After a long period of landscape painting, the painter Patrick SADLER comes back to his first love: the woman.

The loneliness of the work in his atelier and different luxembourgish landscapes had to cede its place to a working style in community. The encounter with the Models – all looking gracefully – moved the painter to confront his momentary perception with the charisma of the Models. With the great support of a professional team (Monica GOMES and Christian MILLE) Patrick SADLER could use the technics of the studiofotografie (Photodesign in Kayl) to emphasize the perfect shapes of the bodies with the right setting of the lights and shades, always considering the wishes of the women and supporting their personal views, to be adopted for his painting.

Every meeting was characterised by the female expressivity of the models and the pictural point of view of the painter. To recognise the huge potential creative energy, preserve and express it and thus make it available for the public - that was the real performance and challenge!

The artist uses different technics (oil colour and oil pastel) in order to reshape the forms and colours of the performance of the models. With this symbiotic teamwork was generated a flood of lights and forms, which perpetuates the model into an eternal artwork.

"When a Model meets a Painter" is the name of an exhibition, which gathers around fifty oil pastel drawings and oil paintings of the last two years. It is to be seen at the art gallery Maggy Stein, 13, rue du Château in Bettemburg, from October the 5th to 13th 2013 and is daily opened from 15.00 bis 20.00

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