Patrick Sadler

The Bricks of Solidarity

"My nose impresses me"


Three painted bricks that form a triptych representing a body of water shimmering in the sky and showing the aquatic world, filled with water lilies, framed by a grey box (in reference to cement). It is a carpet of flowers that has been built in relation to several physical elements (the earth where the roots are anchored, the water they pass through and on which they float to bloom in the air in photosynthesis with the fire of the sun).


Like this haven of peace, "My nose impresses me" is a timeless work of peace with the message of altruistic hope to allow less fortunate people to ease their suffering.


Here is an auction of a work of art produced as part of the action "Bricks of Solidarity" organized by ONGD-FNEL where the entirety of the profits will be used to finance development projects in favor of the more destitute in Nepal:


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