Patrick Sadler

"The inseparable"

It all began in 1988 when two painters in Strasbourg shared a studio until one day the life of this happy collaboration tore apart. Almost 30 years later, their pictures met in the municipality of Sanem, the town hall of "Bieles", where on July 1, 2017, the inauguration of the monumental painting by the painter Patrick Sadler took place.

The polyptych is composed of eight 1,4m x 1m large paintings to an inseparable panoramic picture, which reminds one of the walls of the 'Musée de l'Orangerie' because of the curvature of the wall. This is all the more important because the town hall has this special form only on one wing of the building.

In 2010, a painter, who in the meantime lived in Paris, invited the other painter to a complete retrospective of Monet at the Grand Palais. It was also obligatory to visit the orangery on the same day. Patrick Sadler, living in Ehleringen, was so impressed with Monet's works on the round walls that he had to humbly acknowledge that such a thing would never happen to him.

But it turned out differently than he believed, because in 2016 came suddenly the job of the Schöffenrat, who first landed in the spam folder of the painter, in retrospect was then read to beautify the renewed wedding hall. When the painter first saw the hall, which also served as the municipal council hall, he did not believe his eyes when he saw a curved wall almost 10 meters long in this room.

The decision to accept the order came immediately and it was followed by the preparation of a long, consisting of eight parts of 70cm x 50cm, long sketch, which the painter took as a template to carry out the larger project. Since in this place the couples would give the vow, the painter chose the two most inseparable, topological figures that are discovered from afar when you travel from Luxembourg City to Belvaux. No couple has endured so long as the two hills "Lëtscheft" and "Zolwerknapp". They show an example of how one can live in harmony through the times without beating each other's heads.

This is especially important as the hall is also used as a municipal council room.

The inauguration of the great work was created with an exhibition of oil paintings and drawings on the subject, which can be viewed on the artist's website.

However, the pictorial panorama from the area has become part of the town hall and can be visited there. His presence transforms the unusual space into a place of peace that breathes calm and balance at the sight.

Text by Lucienne Deviscour

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