Patrick Sadler

Rock Plastique



"Rock Plastique" is a videogram on the electronic rendering of personal graphic and pictorial works mounted on own musical creation. The assembly was done in U-matic L.B.6'. The short film was presented during a collective screening in the exhibition premises of the F.N.A.C. in Strasbourg in 1988 (it is on deposit in the library of the Audiovisual Department of Strasbourg).


This video clip was produced in collaboration with Nicolas Braunn for the graphic and video part, as well as with Christian Mille for the music part. I would like to say a big thank you to the models without whom the clip would not be what it is.


I must also express my deep gratitude to the positive energy that was transferred to me by Dominique Avron (1948-2009) to carry out this project.


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