At Konscht.com You can show your photos, say your opinion and buy Art from others

Show your art!

You have drawn something, painted or photographed and you want to know what the others think?

Then show your artistic talent and share your creativity with the others.

Everyone can upload their pictures here and read what the others are saying.

Just click on "Artists" in the "Menu" to participate and to write your opinion.

Upload your own creations you just have to log in and you're there

How do I upload my pictures to Artists ?

You can immediately upload your photos with a browser (such as Safari, Google, Firefox, Opera...) on Artists, after signing in.

Click on the "Discover" menu and upload your photos in the "Add Photos" submenu.

Photos can have any size in width and height. They will automatically be adapted to the optimal size to be seen on the Internet.

First choose the album in which you want to put your photos or create a new album.

Transfer photos

Select the files and define the properties of the photos, such as the title, the author's name and describe your image.

If you want to give individual descriptions, you will have to add one photo after another.

Then click on Start Upload.

If you have succeeded, you do not need to read the following.

Piwigo Upload

There is an application for the iPhone called Piwigo, which allows you to upload your pictures in such a way that they can be seen immediately on the Internet on any mobile phone without any problems.

The following steps will show you how to set up the Piwigo app.

And with the blue button you can download the app for free on your mobile phone.

1. Start the app

Piwigo Login

After starting the app Piwigo, you have to enter the address "konscht.com/artists" and you can log in with a username and a password.

2. Log in

Piwigo settings

Then click on the "Preferences" button at the bottom right.

3. Set 50% as size

Piwigo Preferences

In the Piwigo "Preferences" you should set 50% as size and absolutely switch on "Resize Before Upload".

In addition, the pictures can also be switched on with "Compress Before Upload". This will also make the picture appear faster on the phone. 

4. Then select the album

Piwigo Album selection

Then you can select the album with your own name to upload an image to your album. If you don't have an album yet, it will be created during the first photo upload.

5. Watch out!

Piwigo Upload Function

It is not possible to upload his photo into the album of another one.

The user "Anna", for example, can only upload to the "Album Anna", otherwise the cloud with the up arrow will not appear.

If you have selected the correct album, then you can go directly to point 7.

6. New photos

Piwigo Nei Fotoen

Anyone can upload photos to the album "New Photos" with the "Upoad" button, but the photos remain invisible and have to be activated by the admin of konscht.com and put into the right album.

If you made a mistake when uploading, that's no problem. Just inform the admin by using the Kontaktform den Admin informieren and the error will be corrected as soon as possible 👍 .  

7. Then choose the photos

Piwigo Foto

You can then click on "Upload" at the bottom in the middle and select your photo on your mobile phone.

8. Tap the photo

Piwigo Foto Selection

If you have done right everything in point 5, then you can select the photo and it appears on this one an orange "+" sign.

9. Describing the photo

Piwigo Foto Description

Then you should describe your photo in the Piwigo App with a title, add the name of the author and determine who can see the photo on the Internet.

To make it easier to see the photo on the web, you have to enter a "tag", i.e. a keyword about the content of the image. A "tag" should consist of only one word and each word must be confirmed with an "Enter".

The description helps to explain the picture. 

10. Upload the photo

Piwigo Foto Upload

Then you can then upload the photo in the Piwigo app at the top right with "Upload".

If you can't handle this description, you can contact me via the Contact form at the bottom of the page and ask for additional information.


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